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Data Extraction API

Extract data with ease from any kind of document: structured or unstructured. Automate your document parsing process with our efficient data extraction API.

data extraction API
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Simply extract the data you need from your documents.

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Template Freedom

Create your owntemplate

It only takes you 10 minutes to define your own fields that you want to extract from the documents. Customise our API to suit your individual needs and get started instantly.

Instant Use

No training required

Most document parsing softwares require extensive training to achieve decent accuracy. Our technology works different and you don't need to train it anymore to extract data from your documents.


Extract data from any document format


Get what you need from PDFs without the headache – no layout too tricky.


Turn any image into a goldmine of info – clear, simple, and precise.


Old scans? No problem. We turn them into neat, usable data for you.

Digital documents

From emails to online articles, we fetch the nuggets of info you're after.

Text files

Txt files made easy – we find the bits you care about in a snap.

API Integration

Integrate it easily in your software

You can simply integrate our API in your workflow or software and use it on your terms. The integration is simple, straight-forward and only takes a few hours of development.


Security by design

Data is not used for training

We will never use your data for training purposes.

Fully Encrypted

Communication is fully encrypted and secure.

Secure data storage

Your data is protected against unauthorized access.

GDPR Compliant

We adhere to stringent data protection regulations.

You Might Ask


Simply put, you upload your documents, specify what data you need, and our API does the rest. It uses advanced algorithms to read through your documents, recognize important information, and structure it into a usable format.

Yes, it's built for easy integration. You can connect it with your existing software and databases through our API, making it a seamless addition to your workflow.

It mostly depends on the document type. For digital documents, we achieve up to 99% accuracy and for handwritten documents, the accuracy it is closer to 95%. 

Nope! Our API is ready-to-use without any prior model training. You define the document template, upload your files, and you're all set.

Our technology is equipped to handle up to 27 languages, making it ideal for diverse and global document sets.

Unlike traditional methods that need extensive training for each document type, our fine-tuned LLM technology can extract data from any document instantly and with high accuracy, without the need for prior model training.

We operate on a Pay-per-request model. For detailed pricing and to test our platform, we offer a free trial of 50 pages to every new user. This way, you can see the benefits firsthand without any upfront investment.

We take data privacy seriously. Our services are GDPR compliant, and we only store your information as long as you want to. We will never use your data for training purposes.

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