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Receipt parsing API

Extract data from your receipts using our custom receipt parsing API. Process unstructured receipts and automate your financial workflow.

Reciept parsing API
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Item Names

Item Quantities

Item Prices


Total Amount




Payment Method

Store Location

Seamlessly parse essential information from your receipts.

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Build Your Own

Define yourown receipt extraction simplifies the process of creating a bespoke template for your specific receipt parsing needs. Customize your data capture with precision, assuring an ideal alignment with your business's unique needs.

No Learning Curve

No training required

Immediately initiate document processing without any complicated training requirements. Simply pick the data fields you require, and our state-of-the-art AI will promptly and accurately extract the essential information.

Universal Extract

Extract data from any document format


Got a PDF? We'll sort it out, grabbing the good stuff and leaving the clutter behind.


Turn any image, from snapshots to charts, into neat, usable data.


Old scans? We've got them covered, transforming them into something you can actually use.

Digital documents

From Word docs to web pages, we pull out the info you need, no sweat.

Text files

xt files can be a jumble – we make them make sense, picking out just what you need.

API Integration

Easy to integrate with your software

Our Receipt parsing API is engineered for easy integration into your established systems, guaranteeing a smooth and streamlined workflow right from the outset.


Security by design

Data is not used for training

We will never use your data for training purposes.

Fully Encrypted

Communication is fully encrypted and secure.

Secure data storage

Your data is protected against unauthorized access.

GDPR Compliant

We adhere to stringent data protection regulations.

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You Might Ask


Receipt parsing is the process of extracting key information from receipts, such as transaction dates, amounts, merchant details, and itemized purchases. It involves analyzing the receipt's layout and text to convert the data into a structured, digital format.

To extract data from a receipt, you typically use a specialized software or API, like Extracta's Receipts Parsing API. Just upload your receipt image or PDF, and the software uses algorithms to identify and extract the relevant data, presenting it in a structured, digital form.

To digitize your receipts, you can either scan them using a physical scanner or take pictures with a smartphone. Then, use OCR software or a specialized receipt parsing service like Extracta's API to convert these images into digital, structured data. This digital format can be stored, searched, and processed more efficiently than physical receipts.

Absolutely! Our API is designed for a global market. It can process receipts from any country, recognizing multiple languages and currencies. This feature is particularly useful for businesses operating internationally or dealing with diverse customer bases, ensuring no receipt is too complex or foreign for our system to handle.

Integration is straightforward and user-friendly. Our API is designed to be easily incorporated into your existing financial, accounting, or expense tracking systems. We provide clear documentation and support to assist you in connecting our API with your applications, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Users can expect a high degree of accuracy, typically up to 99%, depending on the receipt's quality and complexity. Our system is continuously refined to handle various receipt formats and intricacies, ensuring precise and reliable data extraction for your financial records and analyses.

Our API is capable of extracting a wide range of data points from receipts. This includes, but is not limited to, transaction dates, total amounts including taxes, itemized descriptions of purchases, merchant names, and addresses. It's also capable of identifying and separating individual items on a receipt, making it ideal for detailed expense tracking and reporting.

There's no upper limit to the number of receipts you can process. Our API is built to handle large volumes efficiently, making it suitable for both small businesses and larger enterprises. Whether you're processing dozens or thousands of receipts, our system maintains performance and accuracy.

Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have. You can reach out to us through our website's contact form or directly via our support email. We aim to provide prompt and helpful responses to ensure your experience with our API is smooth and hassle-free.