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Resume data extraction API

Extract data from resumes and CVs through our API. Parse data from unstructured formats in seconds. Integrate our resume data extraction API into your software.

Resume data extraction API
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Smoothly extract the necessary data from your resumes.

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Build Your Own

Adapt it to yourcustom template

Customize your data capture by defining the exact fields you require, ensuring a seamless integration with your recruitment workflows.

Plug & Play

No training required

Start processing your documents immediately, avoiding the need for complex training. Select the data fields you require, and let our sophisticated AI swiftly and accurately pull the essential information from your documents, streamlining your workflow.​

Universal Extract

Extract data from any document format


No more PDF puzzles. We sort out the important bits for you.


Got an image? We'll fish out the facts from it, clear and simple.


Turn those stack of scans into neat, usable data – just like that.

Digital documents

From emails to e-docs, we grab the good stuff without the hassle.

Text files

Txt files? We dive in and bring up just the info you need, quick and easy.

API Integration

Easy to integrate with your software

Our Resume Data Extraction API is crafted for seamless integration with your current systems, guaranteeing an efficient and fluid process right from the start.


Security by design

Data is not used for training

We will never use your data for training purposes.

Fully Encrypted

Communication is fully encrypted and secure.

Secure data storage

Your data is protected against unauthorized access.

GDPR Compliant

We adhere to stringent data protection regulations.

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You Might Ask


Simply upload your resume to our platform, specify the details you need to be extracted, and our API does the magic. It sifts through your resume, picking out the required information and structuring it exactly how you need it.

Resume parsing with Extracta is an automated process where our API reads through the entire resume, identifying and categorizing key information like education, experience, skills, and more, turning it into structured data.

Your data's security is our priority. Our services are in full compliance with GDPR, ensuring that your data is stored only as long as needed and is never used for training purposes or any other secondary activities.

Absolutely. The Resume API is designed for hassle-free integration. It can be effortlessly linked with your existing systems and databases, streamlining your recruitment workflow.

Not at all! Our Resume API is pre-trained and ready for immediate use. You simply upload the resumes and the API handles the rest, no initial setup or training required.

Our Resume API stands out due to its ability to instantly and accurately extract data from any resume, without needing customized training for different resume formats, thanks to our fine-tuned LLM technology.

We follow a Pay-per-page pricing model. To get you started, we offer a complimentary trial of 50 resumes, allowing you to experience the API's efficiency without any initial costs.

The accuracy is top-notch. For digital resumes, we achieve up to 99% accuracy. For resumes with handwritten elements, we maintain a high accuracy rate of around 95%.